Our heart for the leadership team of Our Father’s House is to be a group of leaders whose heart is to pray, do the work of the ministry with due diligence, and work together as a team to win souls and make disciples, meaning that we not only reveal to others the greatness and love of Jesus Christ, but serve as an example to them who live out the message of the gospel. With eldership, our goal is to lead as the early church did in the books of Acts, which is to have a team of elders who oversee the work of the ministry in a particular church. This does not eliminate having a senior pastor, but a group of leaders work together in order to share the responsibility of ministry so that it is not all on one individual’s shoulders. Jesus Christ, who is the Chief Shepherd, is the pastor of the church as a whole, and we as a leadership want to submit to that authority and fulfill His purposes to the greatest extent. 
As we seek to lead under the direction of the Holy Spirit, we always ask for your continual prayers to be the greatest leaders we can be for the Kingdom of God!