Do Not Despise Prophecy

1 Thessalonians 5:20 says, “Despise not prophesying.” 
This can be literally interpreted to mean, “Do not set prophesying as nothing!” It is a powerful command and instruction in scripture that we oftentimes can be guilty of breezing right past over when we are reading it. You may think, “Well, I do not do that,” but when you realize the amount of false teaching and prophecy that the early church apostles and fathers had to war with everyday, then you recognize the importance of guarding the truth as sacred! 
We value prophecy as a beautiful, holy and necessary gift in the body of Christ when we treasure every opportunity we have to hear the voice of God. We must train our spiritual ears to hear what God is saying by spending time in prayer and devotion to the Word. This also includes reading and studying Biblical prophecy in scripture, as well as their fulfillments through history “if they have been fulfilled”. Becoming a student of prophecy is tremendous because God is not a liar, but by predicting things that will take place, it validates the existence of God and the truths of His Word! We have a great deal of prophesies in scripture, but we cannot despise the modern-day office of a prophet in the body of Christ today. They are as needful now more than ever! We must support them and open our ears to the truth, even if we not like what we are hearing. God is not confused, and He will not contradict Himself through various people in the church. Allow God’s Word and the voice of prophets to bear witness with your Spirit. It’s necessary!