Are Rededications Biblical?

John 3:3 says, “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” 
Here is a good question to ask, “Are rededications Biblical?” Rededications have become a known and common statistic in the body of Christ, but that is all it is:  a statistic. You will not find anywhere in scripture that validates a rededication. You will find repentance, such as the Apostle Peter, but he never lost his commitment to God. Yes, he drifted, and if he did what Judas did, a lot would have been at stake for his eternal soul, but Jesus had prayed that his faith would not fail! Peter’s denial proved a weakness in his heart in which Christ exposed so at the end he would become stronger! This church lingo of rededication fails in fulfilling the lifestyle and example Jesus has set for us. It shows others who “have been” committed to Christ that they can abuse the grace of God, do whatever they wish and then one day tell God how much they are sorry so they can rededicate their life back to Him. He told us we must be “born again”, meaning a total transformation and new lifestyle. It is no longer about “one foot in” and “one foot out”. It is not about repeating the sinner’s prayer following a message to ease off the conviction of the Holy Spirit while our altars remain empty from tears. It is about discipleship and surrender, even to the point where God’s will becomes our will. If we fall along the journey, we will fall towards God rather than away from Him! 
Here is what rededication theology has accomplished. It gives us as the church the opportunity to pat ourselves on the back for the results of not winning people who are unchurched to Christ! We have failed conversions, and we have become shy of reaching outside of the four walls of the church with the gospel. Therefore, we have treated people like numbers instead of developing relationships with them. We claim we win so many people to Christ per year, and yet some of these people are the same ones raising their hands every single time the preacher asks, “So, how many prayed for the first time and received Jesus in their hearts today?” Where are the spiritual fathers and mothers who are raising sons and daughters to be a mirror reflection of Jesus and setting the example of how to pray? The churches have adopted the government’s methodology of treating people like numbers, insomuch that if someone does say they received salvation, we may get their name and phone number, but we do not spend the quality time to develop them into their rightful place in the kingdom of God! What is wrong with the church? It is time to let go of statistical Christianity and truly love and grow people in the kingdom of God!