Our Mission & Vision

The mission of Our Father’s House Church is to love God and love people (Matthew 22:37-40). Every strategy and goal we have set is centered upon the vision of building a kingdom family, meaning the atmosphere and emphasis of our local church body is to feel like a true family who is established by God and is Christ-centered! This is how we are believing and working to accomplish this:

1) Break out of the “religious system of church” through building relationships within the church while growing the family outwardly through authentic evangelism, which is demonstrating and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.
2) Create opportunities to meet outside of a church building through such things as LifeGroups, community outreaches, lunches, etc.
3) Train the church how to be evangelists while setting up challenges for individual evangelism as well as scheduling corporate evangelistic outreaches.
4) Be in direct contact with those who have the same heart and vision as we do to make a community-wide, regional and global impact!
5) Properly position people in their appropriate place in the 5fold ministry, which includes apostles, pastors, evangelists, prophets and teachers.
6) Establish an effective umbrella ministry, which includes appointing leaders over each specific group who meet on a regular basis that works both within and outside of the four walls of the church and who set goals to achieve. 
7) Become a “family-centered” church, with a greater emphasis on serving children and youth in the realm of fathering, mothering, mentoring and counseling. 
8) Shift our focus in ministering to greater needs in the community, such as widows, children and youth, homeless, addicted and marriage and family.
If this sounds like something you want to be part of…well, you are needed! Everyone has a role to fulfilling the body of Christ, and every function is necessary! Let’s work together to build the kingdom of God in winning souls for Christ and making disciples, impacting the city of Pineville, our region and the nations of the world!