Where? What? When?

July 10 –  Praise, Prayer & Proclamation Service  5pm
July 16 – Jail Ministry 6:30pm
July 19 – Food Pantry 11am-1pm
July 24 – Life Groups
July 27-29 – Vacation bible School
August 5-7 Youth Retreat
Youth Service
Every Thursday night starting at 7 with Pastor Justin.  Come join us for a fun night of getting together with youth worship, games, and  God’s word.  Come join the excitement!
College and Career Class
Every Thursday night starting at 7 with Daniel & Doris.   Bringing God’s word to light, learning together as young adults shape their lives in Him.



Every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:30am the church doors open for a time of intimate prayer…..a great way to start your morning.

Food Pantry


On every 3rd Tuesday of every month, the food pantry will hand out food baskets from 11am to 1pm to help those in need.  Praise the Lord, for the hundreds that have been fed.